SAAB Car Service

Saab Car Service

If you are experiencing mechanical problems with your SAAB or need a car service, car repair or a Mobile Mechanic, don’t wait till you are stranded.

Call an Ace Mobile Mechanic now on 13 20 42.

We can fix the mechanical problems or electrical issues with your SAAB providing you with a quality car service or car repairs.

Our fully qualified mobile mechanics and auto electricians come to you 7 days a week.

About SAAB

The Swedish automaker Saab, was originally a division of a Swedish Aeroplane company and has been known sometimes for its unconventionality. Did you know in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, SAAB had motoring success in Europe such as the Monte Carlo Rally and RAC Rally?

SAAB has formed a number of alliances including with Scania (a Swedish heavy vehicle manufacturer) and General Motors and has an exclusive automobile royal warrant holder as appointed by H.M., the King of Sweden.

SAAB has developed a significant number of automotive innovations and advancements that include gearbox located ignition system (for safety and security), headlamp wipers and washers, heated front seats as standard, impact-absorbing self-repairing bumpers, turbo engines with wastegate to control boost, passenger compartment air (pollen) filter, automatic performance control and anti-knock sensor that allowed higher fuel economy and the use of lower grade fuel without engine damage, direct ignition and elimination of distributor and spark plug wires, and electronic brake force distribution to name a few.

Did you know SAAB cars are subject to the “Moose Test” (also known as an elk crash test); most current SAAB models use the number 9; standard SAAB cars have produced a number of world records in the SAAB Long Run, travelling 100,000km with average speeds of over 210 km/h? Also did you know the SAAB 900 Turbo was James Bond’s vehicle of choice in many of the Bond novels of the 1980’s, beginning with Licence Renewed and in For Special Services the 900 was dubbed the “Silver Beast”?

SAAB models we service include:

  • Saab 600
  • Saab 900
  • Saab 9000
  • Saab 9-2X
  • Saab 9-3
  • Saab Turbo X
  • Saab 9-3X
  • Saab 9-5
  • Saab 9-7X
  • Spider
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