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Is your vehicle in need of an Automatic Transmission Service?

Maybe the question should be, when was the last time you had anAutomatic Transmission Service?

If your automatic transmission is showing any of the following signs it’s probably time for a service:

  • Clunking noise when changing gear (up or down)
  • Shuddering when changing or driving
  • Slow gear changes, early gear changes, or late gear changes
  • Sticking in particular gears, or gear slippage when changing or in gear
  • You have driven more than 40,000km since your last Auto Transmission service

If you don’t service your cars automatic transmission you are risking potential damage and unnecessary wear and tear to your car.

The cost of fixing your car after damage has occurred could be a lot more costly than the price of a service.

An Automatic Transmission Service with ACE Mobile Mechanics will help keep your car in good running order. We offer you protection and peace of mind with our nationwide warranty of up to 12 month – 20,000km.

ACE Mobile Mechanics are located in Melbourne and come to you 7 days a week to service your car.

Our Automatic Transmission Service Includes:

  • Replace Transmission Oil & Filters
  • Inspect Box
  • Adjust Bands
  • Check All Bolts
  • Inspect Kick Down Cable
  • Check Oil Leaks
  • Check Pipes and Hoses

From $88 – Plus Parts & GST

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