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The ACE Mobile Specials available for the current and coming week are:

Vehicle Inspection Offer


  1. Offer and Offer Code needs to be mentioned at the time of booking to receive the special offer.
  2. One offer per vehicle. Second Car offer can be used for the second car and another offer used with the first car.
  3. Each offer cannot be used in conjunction with another offer on the same car.
  4. Offers are valid for the period specified.
  5. Repair jobs are subsequent to the initial call out fee.

Don’t buy a lemon – get a Vehicle Inspection

Buying a vehicle is a very big decision, whether it is a new car or a second hand car.

Although buying a second hand car can save you a lot of money over a new one, the risks of buying a second hand car are far greater as you don’t know the history.

Now the current owner might say it was only driven every Sunday to church, but are you willing to take a strangers word for it?

So the challenge you will face is knowing what sort of condition the car is really in and most importantly how safe is it.

Spot The Difference

Okay, so it’s easy to spot the difference with the image below, however you would struggle to know that the after image actually started life as the before image.

There are some very talented smash repairers out there that can make a car look good on the outside, however if you don’t know what to look for then a good looking car might be hiding some nasty surprises underneath.

Below is a picture of a very expensive car that to the untrained eye looks like a gem, however the before shot shows a completely different story.

Accident Case Study - Nissan GTR

If you don’t know what you’re looking for then you could fall victim to a repair job like this.

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