Do You Really Know What You’re Buying?

Accident Case Study - Before and AfterThe information on this page is to show you real life smash repair case studies so you can see for yourself that what you see is not always what you get.

You will be amazed at how normal these cars look once they have been reparied, however, as they say, buyer beware!

What You Need To Know

  • After professional crash repair, a car that was once reduced to a twisted pile of metal can appear to look immaculate on the outside.
  • Traces of the previous crash can be very difficult to notice to the average person.
  • These permanent structural damage and serious distortions to the vehicle can be masked by cosmetic repairs
  • This leaves the uninformed buyer at risk to buying an unsafe or even extremely dangerous used car.
  • Repairs that are made after serious crashes are often done to a substandard level, leaving you to pay for the real cost of the shoddy repair.
  • However, our qualified vehicle inspectors are highly experienced and know all the tell-tale signs and indicators that are present even after the very best crash repair, and even if the car has not been in an accident you inspector will let you know what the real condition of the car is.

Vehicle Inspection by ACE Mobile

By booking an ACE Mobile Vehicle Inspection before your next used car purchase, you will:

  • Get the peace of mind that you are buying a quality used vehicle
  • Avoid the dangers of buying an unsafe car or being sold a lemon
  • Know exactly what you are really buying

You deserve to know the whole truth about the vehicle‘s history and condition so that you can make an informed decision.

Before and After Images

Don’t just take our word for it!

The following pictures are actual before and after shots of vehicles that have been involved in serious accidents and have been cosmetically repaired and sold off as used cars to unsuspecting customers.

Accident Case Study - Holden Commodore
Accident Case Study - BMW 3 Series
Accident Case Study - BMW M3
Accident Case Study - Mazda 4WD
Accident Case Study - Mercedes Benz
Accident Case Study - Nissan GTR
Accident Case Study - Toyota Corolla

As you can see, the decision not to have a used vehicle inspected thoroughly before you purchase it almost always costs you far more than the price of a vehicle inspection itself and leaves you vulnerable to being ripped off.

Without the professional advice of an ACE Mobile Mechanic Vehicle Inspection, you are at HIGH RISK of being sold an inferior, unsafe or structurally damaged vehicle!

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